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About Us

We translate age-old traditional designs into patterns that convey a message and make a unique style statement. Our choice of the Mandala motif from Tibetan Buddhism helps achieve a differentiating effect. However, we do not ignore traditional patterns woven into our quilts in an interesting composition of shapes, colors and styles that add freshness and color while harmonizing with your interiors. Aakriti is all about art in everyday life.

Setup, owned and operated by people with creative and artistic backgrounds plus a smattering of business sense, Aakriti Gallery products are so well received we are kept on our toes to come up with themes that go beyond shapes and colors. The possibilities are immense and exciting and we have planned a whole range that will be inspired by Indian culture, tribal art, folk traditions, mythology and legends. Our designs talk to the soul.

Who do we reach out to? People with sense and higher sensibilities, an elevated consciousness and refinement truly appreciate our efforts. Executed with meticulous attention to detail, the intricate mandala or traditional art depicted on the canvas of exquisite fabrics are almost collector items. To most people, mandala may simply be a collection of geometric patterns but those in the know understand its significance. It gives peace and harmonizes your mind besides adding elegance and refinement to interiors.

Fanatic about quality, we choose fabrics with care and ensure designs are woven into the fabric or printed using organic, environment-friendly dyes and superior techniques of unusually high standards to achieve perfection. When you buy anything from us, you are not just buying a product; you are buying into a definitive lifestyle.

Mission: Our mission is to reach out to a wider, global audience and use our creative skills to come up with inspirational designs that stand apart, give users a unique pride of ownership and also convey a message in the process.

Vision: Our vision is to make creative use of design to reach out to the human soul without ignoring aesthetics. The more you look at it, the more perspectives you see, is what we are thinking of for the future.